Overseas patient successfully treated of rare disease at Bhubaneswar hospital

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Skull base osteomyelitis
Abdul Khaleq Abed Imran Al Kanan after his successful treatment at SUM Ultimate Medicare.

Bhubaneswar: In a boost to medical tourism in Odisha, a 65-year-old Iraqi national suffering from central skull base osteomyelitis has been successfully treated at SUM Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) here recently.

After Abdul Khaleq Abed Imran Al Kanan was diagnosed with the disease in Iraq, his family members were worried about the treatment which was not available in their country.

As treatment got delayed, Imran developed facial palsy. His son Saafa Abdul Khaleq Abed AL Kanan then decided to fly his father to India for treatment which required advanced skull base surgery at a major healthcare centre.

After scanning the facilities available in India, Safaa zeroed in on SUM Ultimate Medicare in Odisha. SUMUM has attracted several foreign patients in the past year because of its advanced healthcare infrastructure, quality of care and clinical expertise.

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After arrival in Bhubaneswar, Imran was admitted to the hospital under Dr. Radhamadhab Sahu, Senior Consultant and Head of Department of ENT and Skull Base Surgery, who has emerged as a pioneer in this field.

“Few key investigations were quickly planned and an elective combined lateral and anterior skull base surgery was conducted in one sitting. Major issues like pain was relieved following the procedure while there was improvement in the facial palsy condition,” Dr. Sahu said.

Speaking through Omaar Khan, a translator, Imran said he had been to other hospitals in India where the required treatment was available, “but we were looking for an expert surgeon which brought us to SUM Ultimate Medicare.”

“The hospital has world-class infrastructure and expertise, the prices are affordable and a compassionate and culturally sensitive medical team,” he said.

Dr. Sahu said central skull base osteomyelities is a life threatening and rare disease, its source being ear and sino-nasal infections. It was mainly an infection of the bone and bone marrow caused by bacteria and at times by fungus. It mostly affected immune compromised persons while the most common group of people affected by this disease were those suffering from uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus, he said.

Chief Executive Officer of the hospital Dr. Swetapadma Dash said, “SUMUM is one of the most advanced quaternary care hospital in eastern India which has reached new milestones by taking healthcare to the next level by creating a medical and wellness hub for international patients. Soon we would unveil a dedicated unit with high-end healthcare facilities to meet the inflow of overseas patients for treatment and boost medical tourism in the region.”

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