CSIR-IMMT and BIS unveil future path for aluminum industry

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csir-immt and BIS
Dignitaries and speakers during the seminar at CSIR-IMMT in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar: In a pivotal move towards shaping the future of the aluminum industry, the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (CSIR-IMMT) in collaboration with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) organised a seminar at SS Bhatnagar Auditorium at CSIR IMMT, here on Friday.

The event, held as part of the Diamond Jubilee Year celebrations of CSIR IMMT, focused on “Technological Advancements in the Aluminum Industry, Standardization, and Quality Control.”

Against the backdrop of the aluminum industry undergoing rapid technological transformations, the seminar aimed to explore the cutting edge of progress in the sector. Attended by key stakeholders from industry, academia, and regulatory bodies, the event served as a convergence point for discussions on technology, standardization, and quality control, paving the way for a progressive and sustainable future.

Sanjiv Maini, senior director and head, Metallurgical Engineering Department, BIS, Dr Ramanuj Narayan, director CSIR-IMMT, and Dr Kali Sanjay, chairman MTD-7, BIS & chief scientist, CSIR-IMMT, along with other esteemed personalities, were present.

The seminar underscored the importance of adherence to standards, emphasising that compliance is not just a regulatory necessity but a foundational element for the growth, sustainability, and global competitiveness of the aluminum industry. Participants gained valuable insights into BIS standard formulation, certification processes, identification of gaps in existing standards, and the latest technological advancements in the sector.

Key topics addressed included standardization in the field of aluminum and aluminum alloys, featuring technical sessions with experts from organisations such as JNARDC, Hindalco, Vedanta, NALCO, MRAI, ASMA, KIIT, BPNSI, among others.

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