How to link PAN, bank account and other details with Aadhaar

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linking PAN with Aadhaar can be easily done online in few minutes. (Photo by Mason Supply/Unsplash)

It is now mandatory to link one’s PAN (Permanent Account Number) with their respective Aadhaar number. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the government has given an extension and the last date for Aadhaar-PAN linking is now September 30, 2021.

Aadhaar — Unique Identity number, is a 12 -digit number that is issued by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and is the most important identification document used by Indian citizens. While PAN is a 10-digit alphanumeric number that is given by the Income Tax Department (ITD).

However, linking PAN with Aadhaar can be easily done online in few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow to complete the process.

How to Link PAN to Aadhaar:

via SMS

Messaging these days, through SMS in-built apps, have taken a turn for the better. They are useful when it comes to easy and simple processes such as linking one’s PAN number to their Aadhaar number. To link the PAN number with your own Aadhaar number, you should first type a new message, follow the given instructions accordingly without any error,


● Click on the send message after ensuring that the correct credentials are met

● Then send the message to the recipient — 567678/56161

● If needed be, the sms can be easily put as UIDPAN 0000011112222 AAAPA7777Q.

Once the SMS is delivered to the recipient, your PAN gets linked to your Aadhaar number.

via Website

The growth of digital media has allowed government organisations to offer their services online. Now, on many of the official websites, citizens can complete their documentation process, raise queries, and so on from the comfort of their homes.

To link the PAN number with Aadhaar online, one should first follow the given instructions accordingly without skipping any steps.

● Go to, this is the official website link that takes you to the new e-filing portal of the income tax department

● Look for the ‘Link Aadhaar’ segment on the portal. Click that segment

● It automatically redirects you to another page, here, user details should be filled in —name, PAN number and Aadhaar number

● Upon entering the correct details, the clear captcha clearance is required

● Lastly, click on ‘Link Aadhaar’ button placed at the very end of the page. The link between the two numbers shall be done after the last step is completed

How to link Bank Account to Aadhaar: Step-by-step guide

The easiest way to complete process is through net banking.

● Log in to your banking portal

● Navigate the page to find a section to link Aadhaar and bank account

● Pick the account you want to link, enter the Aadhaar number and click ‘Submit’— can choose more than one account

● Your phone number will be displayed on the screen — just the last two digits

● You will then receive an SMS regarding your request to make the link.

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