Dietary changes and exercise can benefit women’s mental health

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Mental health
Diet have a major impact on women’s mental health compared to men’s

Women should opt for making dietary changes if they wish to boost mental health such as mood swings, anxiety, depression and stress, a study has found.

Diet have a major impact on women’s mental health compared to men’s, however, exercise too can get rid of mental anxiety in women caused by specific foods.

A study was done if gender and brain maturity when combined with diet, can infleuence mental health. Researchers did a study on what type of diet and exercise for a person aged 30 and above, made them feel better.

The study showed that by customising diet and exercise helped women’s mental health than men’s.

Dr Lina Begdache, the study’s first author, was quoted as saying: “We found a general relationship between eating healthy, following healthy dietary practices, exercise and mental well-being.

“Interestingly, we found that for unhealthy dietary patterns, the level of mental distress was higher in women than in men, which confirmed that women are more susceptible to unhealthy eating than men.”

“Fast food, skipping breakfast, caffeine and high-glycemic (HG) food are all associated with mental distress in mature women. Fruits and dark green leafy vegetables (DGLV) are associated with mental well-being.

“The extra information we learned from this study is that exercise significantly reduced the negative association of HG food and fast food with mental distress,” Dr Begdache added.

(Photo credit to: Brian D’Cruz Hypno Plus)

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