World Cancer Day observed at SUMUM

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world cancer day
World Cancer Day being observed at SUMUM.

Bhubaneswar: Sum Ultimate Medicare (SUMUM) on Saturday observed the World Cancer Day by organising a patient engagement programme inside the hospital premises here.

Dubbed as ‘Hope Springs Saga’ after the Hope Springs Block of SUMUM, the event witnessed a huge congregation of cancer survivors who had been successfully treated at the hospital’s Oncology department.

The event also saw the presence of several senior and junior doctors of SUMUM including Brig. (Dr.) Biraj Mohan Mishra, chief of Medical Services and all doctors of the Onco Sciences department including Dr. Chira Ranjan Khadanga, Dr. Jignyashu Mohanty, Dr. Priya Priyadarshini Nayak, Dr. Subhasis Mishra and Dr. Sudatta Ray.

The event started by a motivating and thoughtful welcome speech by Brig. (Dr.) Mishra followed by speeches by several senior and highly experienced doctors.

Brig. (Dr.) Mishra, along with other doctors, congratulated the doctors of Oncology department for their achievements in offering quality healthcare and for serving one of the highest number of cancer patients in the region.

The doctors from the Onco Sciences department also shared their valuable advice and information with the audience to educate them on cancer. It was followed by a insightful skit presented by the hospital’s nursing team.

Several important topics like importance of preventive health check-ups, quality of life after radiation therapy, comprehensive care to improve the quality of treatment, ambiguities of patients towards treatment of cancer and contribution of SUMUM towards imbibing hope in cancer patients to live were discussed.

Dr. Swetapadma Dash, SUMUM’s CEO, extended her best wishes to audience and congratulated all doctors of the Oncology department for their dedicated and sincere service to the patients.

“At SUM Ultimate Medicare, we are dedicated to providing exceptional cancer care to our patients. The Hope Springs Saga event, held in honour of World Cancer Day, is a testament to our commitment for improving lives of those affected by cancer. With state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and a team of dedicated and highly skilled Oncologists and care team, we are proud to offer comprehensive and integrated cancer care solutions. Our goal is to infuse hope in cancer patients and extend them the best possible chance for a better life,” said Dr. Dash.

SUMUM is home to all the eight specialties of cancer care, such as radiation oncology, medical oncology, surgical oncology, pediatric oncology, hemato Oncology, palliative oncology, onco-pathology and nuclear medicine and provides integrated and comprehensive cancer care under one roof.

With state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and equipment like Pet CT Scan, 3 Tesla MRI, HDR Brachy Therapy, Dual-head Gamma camera, and treatment based on standard international protocols, SUMUM offers advanced 360-degree cancer care solutions with an integrated approach towards cancer management.

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