Teen’s nose vascular tumour removed using latest technique

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Phulnakhara SUM
Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital at Phulnakhara.

Cuttack: The surgeons at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital, Phulnakhara campus in Bhubaneswar, have successfully removed a vascular tumour from the nose of a 16-year-old boy.

The tumour, identified as Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma, extended up to the skull base, posing a complex surgical challenge.

Led by Prof (Dr) Khageswar Rout, the surgical team opted for the latest endoscopic endonasal approach to minimise scarring and facial deformity, given the patient’s young age. This minimally invasive technique, utilising advanced gadgets, ensured a successful procedure.

Post-surgery, the patient has shown remarkable recovery, being able to resume daily activities without any complications. Prof (Dr) Rout expressed satisfaction with the outcome, highlighting the family’s gratitude towards the surgical team for their expertise and care.

The surgical team comprised of Dr Bibekananda Acharya, Dr Subrat Chandan Pradhan and Dr Rakesh Giri, along with the support of dean Prof (Dr) Arakhita Swain and medical superintendent Prof (Dr) Rajesh Kumar Lenka.

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