Reserved parking, shopping zones for women of Lucknow

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Representational Image. (Photo by Chelaxy Designs on Unsplash)

Lucknow: On International Women’s Day, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has announced initiatives to enhance facilities for women in the city. A special all-women House of LMC convened on Thursday, was presided over by mayor Sushma Kharkwal and attended by 44 present and former women corporators.

The key proposal involved reserving dedicated parking spots for women across the city and establishing exclusive shopping zones in local markets. Mayor Kharkwal said, “We are actively considering the proposal for reserved parking spaces and market lots exclusively for women, prioritising their safety and convenience.”

During the meeting, it was decided that the mayor, municipal commissioner, and four additional municipal commissioners would adopt individual wards through a lottery system to oversee developmental work, fostering a hands-on approach to local governance.

Mayor Kharkwal also announced a novel initiative to appoint the top-performing girl students from the Uttar Pradesh Board’s High School and Intermediate Lucknow as the brand ambassadors of LMC, celebrating academic excellence and encouraging further achievements.

Additionally, the LMC has outlined plans to modernise and revive the pink toilets in the city, addressing their deteriorating condition. The corporators also emphasised the need for a later start time for women sanitation workers, advocating for an 8 am commencement to ensure uninterrupted education for their children.

LMC commissioner Inderjit Singh commended the collective impact of women, acknowledging their achievements as a beacon of inspiration for positive change in the country.

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