Cyber attack slows down Vikramaditya Vedic clock in Ujjain

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Ujjain: The Vikramaditya Vedic clock has slowed down because of a cyber attack, causing disruption in its functioning, an official said on Friday.

The clock, intricately based on the ‘panchang’ or Indian time calculation system, graces an 85-foot tower at Jantar Mantar, adjacent to the Jivajirao Observatory in Ujjain.

Shri Ram Tiwari, the director of Maharaja Vikramaditya Shodh Peeth, the overseeing authority for the Jivajirao Observatory, reported that the clock’s app encountered a cyber attack on Thursday night. “The watch slowed down after the attack. A complaint has been lodged with the National Cyber Crime Portal,” Tiwari informed.

Inaugurated virtually by prime minister Narendra Modi on February 29, the Vikramaditya Vedic clock stands as a symbol of India’s rich cultural and scientific heritage. The cyber attack has raised concerns about the security of such installations.

The clock, known for its precision in reflecting Indian timekeeping traditions, now faces the challenge of restoring its functionality following the cyber attack. The authorities are actively working to rectify the situation and ensure the continued accurate functioning of this cultural timepiece.

(with PTI inputs)

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