Police enforce 1:30 am closure for bars and permit rooms in Pune

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Representational Image. (Photo by QUI NGUYEN on Unsplash)

Pune: The Pune police have mandated the closure of bars and permit rooms by 1:30 am to prevent potential law and order issues. The order, issued under section 144 of CrPC on Monday, follows incidents affecting public peace in and around such establishments.

Police commissioner Amitesh Kumar emphasised the need to address disorderly behaviour causing insecurity among patrons, particularly women. The order directs establishments to strictly adhere to the 1:30 am closing time, prohibiting indoor music performances beyond that time. Additionally, orders for food and liquor cannot be accepted after 1 am.

According to the commissioner, some establishment owners are either neglecting to prevent such incidents or deliberately engaging in actions leading to disturbances.

(with agency inputs)

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