Husband fires at wife’s lover, injures him critically in Guwahati

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gun crime
Representational Image. (Photo by seeetz on Unsplash)

Guwahati: A dramatic incident unfolded in the heart of Guwahati on Tuesday, leaving a man critically injured after being shot by the husband of a woman with whom he was allegedly having an extramarital affair, confirmed a senior police officer.

The incident happened in the Borbari locality, where the victim and the assailant, familiar with each other, engaged in a heated argument preceding the shooting. Guwahatis police deputy commissioner (East), Mrinal Deka, disclosed that the victim’s involvement in an illicit relationship with the accused’s wife fueled the confrontation.

“In possession of a handgun, the accused confronted the victim later in the afternoon, ultimately shooting him in the neck,” explained Deka. The wounded individual was rushed to a nearby private hospital in critical condition.

“We have promptly arrested the attacker and confiscated the weapon. The investigation is currently underway to uncover further details,” stated Deka.

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