Delhi police seize SUV involved in reckless stunts, driver remains at large

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The driver of the SUV still remains at large. (Photo credit: X feed)

New Delhi: In response to a complaint from the RWA Rajouri Garden, Delhi Police have confiscated an SUV used for “reckless driving and dangerous stunts” in the west Delhi area. Despite the seizure, the alleged driver remains at large, as authorities intensify efforts to apprehend the culprit.

The vehicle, equipped with a beacon on top, gained attention after videos of the daring stunts surfaced on Instagram. Following the RWA’s complaint, an FIR was registered on February 27, leading to a thorough investigation by the police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (west) Vichitra Veer explained that meticulous scrutiny of CCTV footage and identification of the culprit’s Instagram profile played a crucial role in the case. The SUV, attempting to conceal its identity by removing number plates, was successfully identified and seized.

The DCP emphasised the negative impact of such stunt videos, not only showcases individual irresponsibility but also causes anguish to road accident victims and their families.

The ongoing investigations aim to locate and apprehend the individual responsible for reckless driving and stunts, he said.

(with agency inputs)

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