How to apply for Odisha Government’s Kalia Yojana

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Kalia Yojana

Agriculture has been the backbone of our country’s economy, and it is extremely important for governments to give it priority. But for the farmers, earning through agriculture at times becomes difficult, as they face various kinds of problems such as floods, crop related issues, climate conditions among others.

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The government of Odisha has initiated a scheme to make the farmers of the State feel secured both socially and financially. The Odisha Government’s Kalia Yojana was introduced in the year 2019, from then to now , a lot of marginalized farmers have been provided the much-needed help.

Eligibility :

Before we know about the process through which one can apply, we must confirm the eligibility criteria. There are certain conditions which should be maintained while applying for the scheme and they are :

· Only the farmers who are the permanent residents of Odisha, can apply for the scheme.

· Applicants should be a farmer of marginalized section, and should fall under the BPL (Below Poverty Level) category.

· The farmers who all want to apply for the scheme should also have a bank account.

What are the benefits:

· Livelihood: a farmer who has no land, falls under the category of SC/ST or other special caste groups, comes under the scheme. They will be given financial assistance of Rs 12500 (per family).

· Help for cultivation: the small and medium farmers can avail this, they will get Rs 25000 (per family), the amount is given to them, so that they can purchase seeds, pesticides, fertilizer or any other necessary equipment needed for agriculture.

· Help for vulnerable agricultural households: farmers who do not have their own land, who are disable or have some serious diseases are considered vulnerable cultivators. A vulnerable cultivator will get Rs 10000 every year from the government. With this money they can take care of themselves and their family.

Documents :

There are some important documents one will need to apply for the scheme, they are:

· Aadhaar card
· Proof of address
· Bank account details
· Land details
· Permanent residence proof

Registration process :

One can register through by following these easy steps.

· The applicant should visit the official website and the concerned department. (

· Click on the fresh application form link, the link will be visible on the site itself

· After clicking on apply, a new page will be visible on the screen of the device, it will show different kinds of application forms of different types of yojanas.

· One must select the ‘Odisha Kalia Scheme’, after which a new form will be shown.

· Fill the form with all the details carefully. While filling it, keep in mind you are giving all the information correctly. One also needs to attach some essential documents along with it. The documents are equally important, one should make sure he is providing the right documents.

· Lastly, the applicant can click on the submit option and the online registration will be completed.

After the successful registration , one reference number will be generated , one should secure this number because through this number the applicant can check the application form status, all the applicants can also check their name in the beneficiary list with the help of that number on the official portal.

Conclusion :

The Odisha Government initiated the scheme to provide financial help to those marginalized farmers and landless labourers, who are in need of help. The aim or purpose of the scheme is to increase the income, productivity and development in the agricultural sector of Odisha.

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