Free laryngeal checkup marks World Voice Day at SUM Hospital

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world voice day
Doctors of SUM Hospital, Phulnakhara during the free laryngeal checkup for patients on the occasion of World Voice Day.

Bhubaneswar: In honour of World Voice Day, a free laryngeal checkup for patients with voice disorders was conducted at the Phulnakhara campus of the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital on Tuesday.

Organised by the ENT department of the hospital, the initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of vocal health and early detection of potential issues. Prof (Dr) Khageswar Rout, head of the department of ENT, highlighted the significance of the event, noting that laryngeal endoscopy during the checkup led to the early diagnosis of vocal cord cancer in several cases.

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Dr Rout emphasised that sudden changes in voice could signal underlying laryngeal malignancies, particularly in individuals with habits such as smoking, tobacco chewing or alcohol consumption. He further noted that elderly individuals and professionals who extensively use their vocal cords, such as teachers, singers, lawyers and vendors, are at a higher risk of developing laryngeal cancer.

However, Dr Rout reassured that early detection of voice-related disorders leads to effective treatment, especially with advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available today.

The programme saw the participation of esteemed medical professionals including Dr Smruti Ranjan, Dr Bibekananda Acharya, Dr Subhra Pradhan, Dr Aurodeep Luthar, and Dr Paresh Giri, collectively contributing to the success of the event.

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