CSWs in Odisha to get GARIMA ID card

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Bhubaneswar: The Core Sanitation Workers (CSWs) identified in 115 ULBs will be provided with ID cards under “GARIMA”.

In 2020, the Odisha government had introduced the first of its kind scheme launched by any state in India for the safety, dignity and welfare of the CSWs.

It seeks to improve the socio-economic conditions of sanitation workers and their families by providing a comprehensive package that ensures service-level benefits, social security and financial benefits to the CSWs and their families.

The Garima scheme covers only the CSWs who deal with human faecal waste. A door-to-door survey was carried out to identify the CSWs, who were then subjected to a validation process. Those who passed the validation process will be given a Garima ID with unique4 ID Number, which will act as their one-stop information point for all benefits, including social security benefits and service-level benefits.

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