Underprivileged children share stories of struggle and hope at SOA community radio 90.4

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SOA community radio
The children at the SOA Community Radio 90.4 studio in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar: In a heartwarming initiative, fifteen underprivileged children recently visited the SOA Community Radio 90.4 studio to share their life experiences and dreams for a brighter future.

During their inaugural radio tour, these children bravely recounted the challenges they faced while living on the streets and their relentless pursuit of a dignified life. Bandhua Deogam, aged 15, shared his battle with substance abuse and his subsequent journey towards education. Laxmi Reddy, also 15, currently studying in class ten, revealed her past as a child labourer, while 12-year-old Kanha Singh spoke about overcoming drug addiction.

Engaging in candid discussions with the anchors, the children delved into various pressing issues, including drug addiction, child marriage, sexual abuse and exploitation as child labourers. They said that their circumstances, not their choices, often dictated their actions.

Honey Patnaik, the officer-in-charge of SOA community radio 90.4, highlighted the potential of such programmes in nurturing the children’s creativity and fostering personal growth. The radio tour was organised by ‘Ashayen Odisha,’ an NGO dedicated to empowering street children.

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