PRS data base of ECoR starts functioning from Bhubaneswar

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The Passenger Reservation System (PRS) data base of East Coast Railway (ECoR) started functioning from Bhubaneswar on February 8.

ECoR is now self-dependant to operate all train data firing activities for the trains originating from its jurisdiction and will not depend on other Railways/Centres.

This will also make ECoR self sufficient and will avoid communication gaps in case of changes in schedule of trains and will help in quickly uploading the reservation requirements during introduction of new trains.

Since the formation of East Coast Railway with its headquarters at Bhubaneswar, the data firing activities of all trains originating from its jurisdiction had been with Eastern Railway Database in Kolkata.

The power of decentralisation of database from Eastern Railway to ECoR was initially accorded by Railway Board in 2014 but couldn’t take shape due to technical issues.

Later Railway Board accorded fresh approval for decentralisation of PRS Database from Eastern Railway.

Accordingly, ECoR has started operating its own database centre at its headquarters at Rail Sadan, Bhubaneswar with trained staff to operate all train information firing activities.

East Coast Railway general manager Manoj Sharma congratulated the officials involved in the functioning of PRS data base in Bhubaneswar.

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