Popular restaurants to visit in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar

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Lemon Grass Restaurant
Lemon Grass restaurant of Mayfair Lagoon in Bhubaneswar. (Image: Facebook)

By Tejaswinii

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, when the hospitality industry all over the globe suffered a big jolt, some restaurants in Cuttack-Bhubaneswar have strived to maintain their name, fame and standard. Lemon Grass restaurant of Mayfair Group in Bhubaneswar, known for its feel good ambience and mouth-watering cuisine, has, no doubt, passed through a tough time but maintained its food standard to the customers’ satisfaction. People not only crave for the food, but the amazing ambience this place offers. One can hardly resist a second visit.

The next in the list would be ‘Burger House’. The hint is in the name of the restaurant itself. In a generation where teenagers are obsessed with fast food, this place cannot be missed out.

Not to forget Hotel Sandy’s Tower, Swosti Premium and Zoris Boutique in Bhubaneswar. These restaurants in the capital city bring to you rich culinary experience. You cannot resist from visiting such amazingly designed places, apart from its delicious cuisine.

When in Bhubaneswar, make sure you don’t miss out visiting these two places for good food and experience.

Let’s get a little deeper into this appetizing, dainty and delish food talk. Want to know more eating places in the twin cities of Odisha?

Cuttack is known for its roadside chats and sweets, aren’t you already drooling after reading this! Who doesn’t love roadside chats, that’s one of the favourite foods for majority of the people in our country.

Studies show that teenagers love chats more than fast food, and I being a teenager myself couldn’t deny that fact.

Places such as ‘Fit Food Cafe’ serve delicious food and customers say this place offers best food for good price, what else would one even expect. Delish food, perfect price and lit ambience isn’t this the perfect set up for a foodie.

Golden Spoon restaurant near Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. (Image: Google)

Golden Spoon in the Silver City near the Barabati Stadium is known for the sweets and savoury items they make. Doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or not, once you visit this place, you’re going to become one for sure. You may not want to miss out on such a “guilty pleasure”.

These hotels are not only known for their food, but also for their ambience, hospitality and respect for customers, being validated by 5 star ratings. After food what else would one think of?

A place to spend the leisure time and also enjoy its amenities, true? I feel you, hotels like Pramod Convention in Cuttack is known for its fine dining experience, ambience and luxury vibes.

Get yourself a break, breathe and don’t forget to feel lively. Have an exuberant and palatable day.

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