Odisha wins World Habitat Awards 2023 for Jaga Mission

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Naveen Patnaik
Chief minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik. (Image: Twitter@CMO_Odisha)

Odisha has won World Habitat Awards 2023 for Jaga Mission, a 5T initiative of the state.

According to a government release, Jaga Mission is the world’s largest land titling and slum upgrading programme which aims at empowering the lives of slum dwellers.

The Government of Odisha has set itself the ambitious target of becoming the first slum-free state in India and is leading the Jaga Mission programme to upgrade all the 2,919 slums in the state.

Since the last five years of the initiative, 1,75,000 families from the slums have been granted land tenure security.

Under Jaga Mission, 100 per cent households in 2,724 slums have been provided with pipe water connections, 707 slums have been fully transformed into liveable habitats, 100 per cent households in 666 slums have individual toilets, and eight cities have become slum-free.

Earlier in 2019, Odisha’s Jaga Mission had received the World Habitat Awards for its success in providing land tenure security to the slum dwellers.

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