Odisha Mining Expo: Industry leaders discuss tech advancements and workforce skilling

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mining expo
Experts and stakeholders from the mining industry during a panel discussion at Mining Expo 2024 in Bhubaneswar on Saturday.

Bhubaneswar: The third day of the Odisha Mining & Infrastructure International Expo here on Saturday showcased a convergence of industry experts engaged in two distinct panel discussions, exploring the realms of Industry 4.0 technologies in the mining sector and skilling the Indian mining workforce for the future.

Panel 1: Industry 4.0 Technologies in Mining Sector

The inaugural panel discussion commenced with a warm welcome from Swami Prem Anvesh ji, MD of Futurex Group, who addressed the crowd on the imperative need for sustainable development. Anvesh emphasised the importance of curbing human greed for exploitation and advocated for steps to preserve the environment and prevent over-exploitation.

Bhavesh Singhavi, co-Founder and CEO of InstaDigin, steered the conversation towards digital solutions, particularly AI-powered video analytics for proactive danger identification. Subarna Kanti Mallick, key accounts manager at Epiroc Mining, lauded the organisers for highlighting the use of electric power in mining.

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Sanjoy Bandyopadhyay from Spectris Technology focused on quality control solutions to combat exploitation, emphasising environmental preservation for future generations. Shankar N, project head at Mining Squadrone Infra and Mining Pvt. Ltd., highlighted the effective utilisation of resources, advocating for drone-based magnetometer and GPR technology to explore natural resources without harm to the environment.

Mahesh Mahamuni, director of Synise Technologies Limited, discussed innovative online selling methods and e-commerce using the internet. The panel concluded with Namit Gupta, director of Futurex Group, extending felicitations to the esteemed guests.

Panel 2: Skilling Indian Mining Workforce to be Future Ready

The second session, chaired by Punit Chaudhry, secretary of PHDCCI, centered on skilling the Indian mining workforce for the future. Sanjya Sharma, CEO of Skill Council for Mining Sector, highlighted skill projects in Odisha, citing the Nua Odisha programme in Jajpur as an exemplary initiative. He discussed key skill projects in collaboration with PSU industries and the government.

Dr Ajit Kumar Kar, DGM (Training and Development) at IMFA, underscored the importance of a future workforce grounded in skills, advocating for enhanced skilling in the mining sector. Rabindra Kumar Singh, head of training at TATA Steel, shared insights into preparing the mining workforce for the future.

B Sanghapriya, founder and CEO of IG Drones, explored the role of digitization, automation, drones, and robotics in revolutionising the mining industry. Namit Gupta, director of Futurex Group, expressed gratitude to the Government of Odisha and all partners associated with the expo, revealing that over 300 companies participated, signaling a vast scope for the mining sector in Odisha, particularly in the context of sustainability and need-based innovation.

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