Mo Gym & Cafe opens in Cuttack, offering unique fitness experience

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Mo gym and cafe
Multi-gym equipment at the newly inaugurated Mo Gym & Cafe in Cuttack.

Cuttack got its newest fitness hub, Mo Gym & Cafe, inaugurated on May 5 at OMP Square, opposite OSAP 6th Battalion’s second gate. This gym facility aims to promote natural bodybuilding while emphasising the importance of dedication and perseverance.

Avilash Sarangi, the director of Mo Gym & Cafe, emphasised the ethos of the facility, stating, “Mo Gym & Cafe’s vision is to promote natural bodybuilding. It takes time, effort and patience to build a healthy physique. The only way to achieve success is work hard, staying focused and the never give up attitude.”

Setting a new trend in Cuttack, Mo Gym & Cafe introduces a unique concept by offering a cafe facility alongside fitness services. The cafe will serve healthy diet-related foods and beverages, catering to customers seeking dietary solutions.

The cafe corner that would offer healthy dietary solutions to the fitness enthusiasts of the facility.

Various membership packages are available, including general plans, student plans, special plans for working professionals and group plans. The facility offers a range of amenities, including personal training, cardio and strength training equipment.

The inauguration event saw notable guests, including Dr Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, Dr Janmejaya Mohapatra, Dr Manjulata Dash, Sukant Sahani, Souvic Biswal and Meena Sahoo, among others.

Mo Gym & Cafe promises to be a holistic destination for fitness enthusiasts in Cuttack, providing a blend of workout facilities and healthy dietary solutions under one roof.

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