Fakir Mohan University organises inter-village football tournament

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Players and match officials during a football match organised by Fakir Mohan University.

Fakir Mohan University organised an inter-village football tournament on its new campus in Nuapadhi on Nov 23 and Nov 24.

In the tournament, 10 teams from nine villages participated as part of community outreach activity of the university. The objective of the event was to create awareness about sports and involve villages and communities with the long term vision of the university.

Moreover, the university aims to promote the game of football in the nearby villages and help talented young players to shine in the game.

The initiative has been taken up by the university as part of its social responsibility and commitment towards developing the villages and communities surrounding its campus.

Guests and officials greet players prior to the kickoff of a match.

Nine villages such as Sereipur, Kathagochhi, Gaurpur, Gobardhanpur, Machua, Chatrikhunta, Gopalpur, Makapada, and Phulkiari had their teams in the tournament.

The quarterfinal was held on Nov 23 and the semifinal and final matches were held on Nov 24. The university also has plans of holding a national level football tournament among the Universities in the near future.

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