ECoR achieves new milestone in freight loading

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ecor freight
ECoR loaded 232.13 million tone of freight in 2021-22.

East Coast Railway (ECoR) has set a new milestone in freight loading during 2022-23 financial year by loading 232.32 million tonne from its jurisdiction, which is 11 days before the end of the current financial year.

In 2021-22 financial year, ECoR had loaded 223.64 million tonne of freight during the same period and also loaded 232.13 million tone of freight in the whole period of 2021-22 financial year.

Moreover, ECoR is the only railway zone which has crossed milestones of 220 million tonne and 230 million tonne and approaching to cross 240 million tonne milestone in the current fiscal.

Ministry of Railways has sets target to load 240.60 million tonne of loading for East Coast Railway.

From the earning side, ECoR has earned Rs 23872.69 crores from freight during the above period in 2022-23 financial year as against Rs 22184.85 crore in last financial year with an increase of 7.6 per cent.

East Coast Railway achieved this milestone despite many challenges and adverse effect on loading and train operations. Surpassing the last year loading has been achieved due to focus on innovative steps and key interventions by Railway Ministry which helped to get it on to the fast-track.

General Manager, East Coast Railway, Manoj Sharma gave full credit for this achievement to its hardworking and dedicated staff in all its three divisions.

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