Chandigarh records hottest May in over a decade

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Representational Image. (Image by Rosy / Bad Homburg / Germany from Pixabay)

Chandigarh experienced its warmest May in more than 13 years, with temperatures significantly higher than usual, according to the meteorological department. This trend has sparked concerns about the impacts of global warming on the region’s climate.

The average maximum temperature in Chandigarh this May was recorded at 40.2°C, the highest since 2011. This surpasses the previous peak in 2013, when the mean day temperature was 39.4°C. Additionally, the average minimum temperature in May 2024, up until May 30, was 25.4°C, marking the highest since May 2022, which had a minimum of 26.1°C, as reported by TOI.

AK Singh, director of IMD Chandigarh told the TOI that these extreme temperature trends to global warming. The consistent rise in both day and night temperatures highlights the broader climatic changes affecting the region.

This May also stands out as the driest since 2013. The Indian Meteorological Observatory (IMD) in Chandigarh reported no rainfall, a stark contrast to May 2023, which saw 136.5 mm of rainfall, making it the wettest May in 70 years since records began in 1953.

On Friday, the maximum temperature increased from 44.9°C to 45.8°C, while the minimum temperature rose from 26.5°C to 27.5°C. In response to the soaring temperatures, a yellow alert has been issued for a heatwave, expected to last until at least Saturday. Additionally, a yellow alert has been issued for thunderstorms, dust storms, lightning, and gusty winds (speeds of 40-50 km/h) likely on June 2.

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