Bara Ghuguni to Chakuli Mangsha: Must-try foods of Odisha

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A Dahi bara aloo dum vendor in Cuttack. (Photo:

When you are visiting Odisha there are some local delicacies one must definitely try. A trip to Odisha would be incomplete if you happen to miss out on some of the local delicacies of the eastern state of India.

Dahi bara aloo dum

This Odia delicacy is the most popular, especially in the city of Cuttack. The fried lentil dumplings are soaked in freshly made curd with an additional spicy aloo dum (potato curry) and ghuguni (peas curry). This is surely a mouth-watering street food and a favourite of many. The best ones of these could be tasted in Bidanasi, Cuttack from Raghu’s stall among many other local vendors.

Bara Ghuguni

This is another Odia delicacy you should get your hands on. The urad dal dumplings are served with hot and freshly made peas curry which is also called ghuguni. This combination is the local favorite. The stalls at Bapuji Nagar and near Big Bazaar in Bhubaneswar, have the best of this delicacy served, which the locals really love.

Chakuli Mangsha Tarkari

The rice flour pancakes are made in every Odia household for breakfast or specially during festivals. These are very crispy and go well with any spicy curry. The local combination that Odisha swear by is the mutton curry cooked in mustard oil. The curry along with the rice pancakes take the taste level to another level. If you are in the Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneswar, do try this out.


This is surely for your sweet tooth. This sweet delicacy is soaked and infused in the cardamom milk. It has a unique taste and is not overly sweet but engages the sweetness throughout. You can get them in Nimapara sweets in Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar. They are known for their best taste.

Chhena poda

At first sight, this might look like the quintessential cheesecake. Some say it is, just an Odia twist to it. The ricotta cheese is taken and infused with sugar, jaggery, and all the other raisins for extra crunch. This isn’t overtly sweet. It is then roasted in low heat in an earthen pot.


What is popularly known as Gol Gappa in most part of India, is called Gupchup in Odisha. This delicacy is known by different names but everyone share the same craving. The best of them could be from Dolomundai in Cuttack, where the vendors make a great assortment of potatoes, lentils and jaljeera water.

Every place has its own specialty when it comes to food and it is always an interesting to try them out. How these delicacies taste, and why is it a local favourite? One can always trust the choices of the local residents and get to these places to tuck in the best of the lot.

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