Baleswar Railway Station to be redeveloped, project cost Rs 197 Cr

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Baleswar station
The blueprint of Baleswar Railway Station, to be redeveloped soon.

Balasore: The Baleswar Railway Station will be redeveloped with a project cost of Rs 197 crore, which would serve as a pivotal transportation hub for the next 50 years, accommodating up to 50,000 passengers daily, East Coast Railway said in a press statement.

Inspired by the grandeur of Balasore’s architectural legacy, the station’s design would seamlessly incorporate elements such as arches, ornate facades and locally sourced materials, paying homage to the city’s rich cultural heritage. The facade itself boasts wheels reminiscent of the Konark Temple, while the Shikhar design draws inspiration from the iconic Jagannath Temple in Puri.

Adding a unique cultural touch, the station’s facade will showcase Saura paintings representing the Saura tribals. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the station would be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including 14 lifts, six escalators, and 20 access control gates.

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The project will also encompass significant improvements, with the station building on both sides of the city connected by an 18-metre-wide roof plaza. The circulating area enhanced, and a cover shed provided for added convenience. There would be an upgraded waiting hall and a new AC lounge to come up.

Ensuring accessibility and connectivity, three foot-over bridges (FOBs) will link all platforms, all of which are covered. A spacious parking area spanning more than 7,000 square metres to cater to the needs of commuters.

In a commitment to sustainability, the station to integrate a 133 KW solar panel and a 1000 KLD water recycling plant. The completion of the ambitious project has been set a 30-month deadline.

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